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Current Research (Comments or suggestions welcome!)
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Simulation of Built Environment and Obesity (Simulator) (requires Java 5 installed)
Simulation of Spatial Diffusion Processes (Simulator) (requires Java 5 installed)
Beyond conventional use of geospatial analysis (Slides in Flash)
Urban Crime Simulator 1.1 (Slides in Flash)
Public Health Disparities Along Racial Divides (Slides in Flash)
Urban crime simulator (Slides in Flash)
Urban growth simulator (Slides in Flash)

 (a presentation by M. Arq. Javier Sandoval Felix of Jefe de Planeacion Urbana)

Urban growth as a geographic diffusion process (Slides in rm 13.5 Mb)
(Milton E Harvey and Jay Lee)
A quantitative model for urbanization (paper in pdf) (Slides in rm, 10.3 Mb)
(Jay Lee)
Clusters of manufacturing industries in the US (Slides in rm, 4.8 Mb)
(Hyun Joong Kim)