Introduction to GIS

The first course in GIS, laying the foundation of understanding GIS theories and learning the basic skills of GIS operations. Topics covered in the course include overview of GIS, data models and associated analytical functions, data quality and limitation of GIS, database design and transformation, and social and environmental applications of GIS.

Advanced GIS

Going beyond what are covered in the Introduction to GIS, the Advanced GIS provides in-depth discussion of advanced theoretical concepts of GIS and related technical skills. This course uses classroom lectures and in-class exercises to teach students essential knowledge of GIS theories and operations. Students also conduct in-depth literature reviews on selected topics and carry out term projects to gain practical experience.

Spatial Programming

The automation of GIS operations is of critical importance and much in demand by the GIS market. This course covers topics of basic programming skills as well as specific programming techniques in a GIS environment. The first half of the course facilitates students with discussion and learning of computer programming using Visual Basics. The second half of the course incorporates experience in Visual Basic programming into VBA in ArcGIS.